Dogman Encounters

I used to fish at Great Bear for catfish late at night. I had a hunting dog that was part wolf. He was well trained. I lived in the woods after my divorce. I pulled up in my truck and let the dog out. Lit 1 lantern. Took my shotgun out, always did that. Noticed the dog in the shadows. He was looking but he never barked. My dog was fearless. He would bring back coons, muskrats. I let him hunt on his own. I heard a
loud crack. I looked. My dog was growling. I heard another loud crack. My dog was now backing up showing his teeth. Never did he act like this. I got scared. I never get scared. I am a fighter with a reputation. What I saw blew my mind and scared the **** out of me. This thing was on all 4s with ears. I think it stood up part way and went back down. ****ing big. I am a hunter….. this was NO BEAR…ears pointed. This was around 1-2am. It never moved. My dog just kept showing his teeth and growling. In my mind I’m thinking WTF?. I think it turned its head. This thing was jet black. My dog had been around bear. Never did he act like this. It seemed to be moving but not turning and walking back- it backed up. This was not real in my mind. Partly standing up again, I think. I had this feeling of peace along with I’m scared out of my mind. It was beautiful but dangerous. I had a feeling this thing wanted to get to know me. I would love to see this again. No doubt it could kill me if it wanted to. But it would bring too much action to itself. They are real.


John Quinn
Time: 1:01 AM
Date: 4/1/1984