Dogman Encounters

I’m a night owl. I always stay up late at night and watch TV. I just happened to look out my window one night and saw what I initially thought was a man, sitting on a roof. I thought it was a man because at first, he looked almost naked until I saw the hair or fur on him. He then turned his face and what I saw then was frightening. He had pointed ears, like a dog, and a long snout. They were almost like a German Shepard’s ears. I could not understand what I was looking at. I just stared at him for a few minutes. I felt like if I moved, it would see me. It sat there on its butt, with human-looking arms and legs, but with hair or fur covering them. I backed away from the window very slowly and went to tell my husband. He didn’t want to get up and go look, thought I was crazy. When I went back to the window, it was gone.

I don’t know or understand what I saw that night, but I did tell my husband and kids what I saw. It has haunted me for many years until I was just telling a few of my grandchildren, recently at camp. One of them got on the computer and found some pictures of what they thought I meant. It was so scary! I was looking at the same thing I saw on the roof that night! I could not believe it. As I sit here looking at that picture I did not know it really existed many many years ago.

Time: Night
Date: 2001