Dogman Encounters

I have listened to your show and feel like I can tell you what
happened to me one evening while hunting coyote on my father in laws

It was about 6 or 7 pm and right at dusk. I was in a hunting blind on
the edge of a ravine overlooking a creek about 30 feet down and just
beyond that a cornfield. I was trying to call a few in because not a
week passed one of the neighbor’s cows was mutilated and we all assumed
it to be from a coyote. Well, it was getting very dark and I was about to
leave when I heard steps walking up behind me. I called out in a low
voice to my father in law thinking it was him letting him know I
acknowledged his presence and lowered my crossbow. When I looked out
the mesh window I did not see him and was perplexed that he did not
call back. That is when I heard sniffing right behind the blind, not 3
feet away.

I was taken aback and excited thinking that this must have been a
coyote come to see what was in distress. I turned slowly in my chair
raising my crossbow and that is when I heard the growl. It was very
deep and guttural and I felt a deep dread fall over me. I knew that
whatever growled that deep was much larger than a coyote. I laid my
crossbow down and grabbed my .45 ACP sidearm I always carry while
hunting and started to pray. I felt like I was in serious danger and I
might have a fight on my hands. I have been attacked by a wild dog
before and still have the scars to this day.

What I then saw walking away from the tent changed the course of my
life and popped a safety bubble I did not even realize I have been
living in my whole life while out hunting or spending time in the
woods. I watched a wolf on his hind legs walk away from my blind along
the edge of the ravine and then jump down and disappeared out of my
sight. I exhaled and realized I was holding my breath, shaking and
hold the .45 up and ready. This creature was at least as tall as me
and I am 5′ 10″ and he was hunched down while walking away so he
had to be at least 7 feet standing upright. His fur was dark gray and
his back was heavily muscled, very defined. His arms were long and
looked like he had hands and I could see the tops of his ears over his
hunched back. I never did see his face but he had legs like a canine.
I felt frozen and in disbelief. I want to both run as fast as I could
out of there and also be still and ready in case this thing came back.
After about a minute of deep breathing, I readied my things and slowly
eased out of the blind keeping my firearm up and sweeping the area as
I moved toward my truck about 300 yds away. It was the hardest thing
not to run full sprint but darkness was coming on quick and I did NOT
want to be out there late with this thing. I made it to my truck and
sped out of there as fast as I could

Since that night I have been struggling with what I saw and went
through. It is hard to talk to others, my family is very proper and
practical and would reduce what I saw to mere shadow making a coyote
seem bigger or some such. It is comforting to know after researching
that there are others that have seen things like this. I feel better
just writing this to you.

One other thing happened that I would like to share. I moved to an
old house about 10 miles away from the land where I was hunting and
for about a week my 2-year-old daughter would tell me about the bad
wolf outside. This was about 2 years after my hunting incident so I
did not think much of it at first. She kept on about the bad wolf
outside and so I started getting concerned. I told her to come to get me
if she saw it again. One night at about 8 pm she comes to me saying
“bad wolf outside” and she leads me to her room on the second story
and tells me to look out of the window. We have a flood light out
back, a huge chicken coop and run area about 50 yards back and then
about 10 more yards past that is the wood line. I scan outside in the yard and see nothing, look around the coop, thinking it to be my neighbor’s dogs
trying to get to my chickens and see nothing, then, I look at the wood
line and see it. Just like before I see a large wolf creature standing
in the wood line straight up and staring right at us. It was standing
right behind a large wooden cross I had put up just at the wood line.
The cross is about 9 feet tall and this creature was shorter but not
by much. Again I was frozen but this time I was angry because it was
at my home, it was watching my daughter and probably my whole family
for knows how long. I picked up my daughter and stared right back at
this thing. It had yellowish glowing eyes from the floodlight
reflexion. I carry her and call my son into my room while trying to
stay calm. I put them both on the bed and go into my gun safe and grab
my 45-70 lever rifle and head to the window and see that it is gone. I
did not sleep much that night and had the kids sleep with my wife and
me that night. I was staring outside for a long while.

I have not seen it or any others since then and pray I never do. I
live near Circleville, Ohio. Like I said it feels good sharing with you,
thank you for taking the time if you made it this far into my story.
Feel free to share with anyone my experience.


6:45 PM