Dogman Encounters

Well, I am 24 years old, male and live in the middle of nowhere. Literally. I will be short and simple about my encounter. I was getting home late one day, after dropping my sister off at the airport in Lamar, Colorado. I live just under 7 miles north of the Oklahoma border, on 250 acres of land. I have a trap line running around my property for coyotes. The first 2 traps I checked were empty, so I headed south. That’s when I saw this thing. At first, I thought it was a coyote. A BIG coyote! It was almost 5 feet tall, on all fours! It was caught in my trap and was running around, making a dust cloud, and then it stopped and looked at me. Now, I use a Duke No. 3 leg-hold trap, so I can catch a variety of things in it. Anyways, I slammed on the brakes and my truck stalled, because it’s a manual. I was fumbling for the keys to start it. It’s an old farm truck, with a carburetor on it and it had quite an after-fire. Once it heard that, it lunged at me and roared. I saw that it had its hand (not paw but a hand) caught in my trap (right hand to be exact). It had probably been looking for the dead rabbit I had in the bait hole next to the trap. It then stood up and ripped the 2 earth anchors I had, 24 inches in the ground, right out! It took me a long time to put them in with a 10-pound hammer, but it pulled them straight out, within 15 seconds. After it did that, it just stood there, looking at me. It felt like an eternity and I knew my .357 would do nothing to stop this thing if it came at me. I prayed to God that it wouldn’t come for me, in my truck. I was looking at it in shock and awe and noticed that it had orange eyes. They weren’t glowing. Instead, they had a tint, like a cats eyes in the dark. They may have been reflecting my headlights. I can’t be sure. It then took a step towards me, curled up its upper lip, showing me its teeth. They were huge! The longest 2 had to have been 4-5 inches long! It then growled at me and then it was gone in the blink of an eye. I was scared crapless then! I jammed the truck into gear and spun the tires, getting out of dodge! Like I said earlier, it seemed like an eternity, but it must have lasted no more than 30 seconds at the max.

I later returned with an Indian friend of mine. He is part Arapaho. I grew up with him and trusted him. He told me some stories that were passed down through his grandparent’s tribe and mentioned something about a Loup Garou or french werewolf. He also told me how fur trappers, in the late 1700’s-1800’s, were chased off the land in the Rockies from this thing. After some research online, I found your channel and here I am now. I really am glad you have made this channel for people who have encountered these things. I use to work ’till about 10-11 at night, but I sleep with the lights on now. It sounds silly for a 24-year-old to be doing that, but to be honest to God, I’m still frightened by this thing. I haven’t bothered going out looking for my lost trap because I’ll bet the thing has torn it apart by now.

Thanks for listening.

Time: 11:30 PM
Date: February 9th, 2017