Dogman Encounters

I was 14 years old and lived in Central Louisiana, at the time. My mother had always been interested in the Paranormal. She’d buy copies of UFO magazine and watch documentaries on Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster, etc. So, I just grew up being interested in things like that, at face value. I always believed in them, but I never had any inkling that werewolves, Dogmen or whatever could possibly exist.

​​Anyway; I lived in a mobile home park, which was on a two lane highway. Highway 28 East, to be exact. It was a long street, with a cul-de-sac type of dead end. At the dead end, to the left was the only brick home in the park. Straight ahead, was thin woods and several trails going off in every direction. To the right, slightly, was a deep ditch, that people had dumped junk and trash in, like old washing machines, broken laundry baskets or what have you. A thin, metal wire fence ran from the ditch, across, into the woods and out of sight. We (the kids in the neighborhood) had what we called a “Club,” where we would all gather, to hang out. Some of us had gathered busted or discarded dining room chairs and placed them in the center of what was the thinnest area of trees. I had come there to figure out where to put everything. Beyond the deep ditch, further into the woods, was a small stream, with hills on each side. An enormous old oak tree had fallen beside the stream, on the side I was on. I spotted an old metal folding table, near the stream and went down to inspect it. I thought it would be a good item to put in the center of the chairs. It seemed to be in good condition, so I decided to head home. I figured I’d get it the next morning.The next morning, I made my way toward the metal wire fence, which somehow (I don’t know why) had been bent, on both its top and bottom, inwards (toward the center of the fence). I was about to duck under it, when I heard the distinct sound of sniffing, so I turned to see what it was. Standing on the other side of the stream was a 7 to 8 foot tall creature, sniffing the air. Its head was turned slightly. The first thought that entered my mind was, “Oh my God! Werewolves are real!” It stood on two, powerfully built, muscular legs, which ended in enormous paws. It had no tail. It had a massive chest, as well as extremely muscular arms and hands. The hands seemed to have the same kind of pads that a paw has, but they were arranged differently. It had a wolf-like head and tall, pointed ears. The eyes glowed red. The ears were in proportion to the head. It had a snout or muzzle. It kept sniffing the air as it stepped OVER the tree trunk like it was nothing. I would have had to physically climb it, to get over it. I thought it was coming after me. It stopped and seemed to be breathing or panting, but there was this deep, rumble that accompanied it. I decided to get out of there, before it did see me and ducked up under the fence. I ran to my bike which was parked off the road and peddled my butt home.

I never went into those woods again, after that. About a month and a half, to two months later, we moved to Mississippi. It wasn’t until many years later that I discovered the term, “Dogmen.” It scared me, but also started me on my fascination with ancient myths, legends, werewolves and many other non-Bigfoot cryptids.

Time: Sunset
Date: June of 1987