Dogman Encounters

The encounter I’d like to share is not my own, but that of my mother. She used to tell me stories when I was young, about strange things she had experienced, in her life. I remembered this Dogman type of encounter while listening to your show, on YouTube. There’s not particularly a lot of detail to this encounter, but what you may find interesting is the location.

The sighting took place in Sacramento, California, around 1953, not too far from our state’s capital. Using Google maps to get an approximate location and lay of the land, I can see the sighting area was about 1000 ft to the west of and perpendicular to the American river. Across the river from the east bank, it’s only about another 2000 ft east to the state capital. So, this took place fairly close to a heavily populated area.

My mother states, when she was about 12 years old, she was laying on the couch, watching television. That’s when she noticed a scary dog face, looking at her, through a low pane window. The window was either on or by the door. I’m unclear on this fact. In any event, the head, she said, must have been about 2 to 2 1/2 feet above the ground. She covered her face in fright, with her pillow. After a minute or so, she snuck a peek, figuring she must be imaging things. She saw it was gone and felt a little better. Then, she noticed it was now looking through another higher window. Its head was now about 4 to 4 1/2 feet above the ground. According to her recollection, there was nothing outside that window for a dog to stand on. At that point, she just ran to another room, in terror.

She doesn’t really recall what happened after that. She describes the animal as being dark gray, with glowing red eyes. Seemingly panting or baring its teeth. She didn’t see the body but had the impression that it was thin. Unfortunately, she doesn’t recall the time of day, month, or season.

My parents tell me there’s likely some American Indian burial grounds in the area, as there had been excavations near the river, which yielded Native American arrowheads and other artifacts. I know it’s been mentioned in some of the encounters you’ve presented, a proximity to rivers and Native American burial grounds. I even asked my mother if there were corn fields around the area since that too has been mentioned in the encounters. She said only the small patch of corn stalks in their own backyard. I don’t think that qualifies. The area around my grandparent’s house was not really wooded. The neighborhood was mostly large fields with a few horses and some cattle. The areas around the river are wooded now though and was probably a lot more so in 1953 than it is today.

Another paranormal story about this area is that on Monster Quest’s episode detailing the Mothman, someone supposedly was taking dusk or night shot pictures of the Tower Bridge in 2009 and saw a flying humanoid shape or something fly off of the bridge. The Tower Bridge is in the 1000 foot range from my grandparent’s house. Spooky! 

Date: 1953