Dogman Encounters

I was arriving home, to my apartment, at 11:45 PM, when I felt a presence by the wood line. I saw something looking at me and then finally, I saw these two eyes. It seemed like it was stalking me. I could only see eyes and the shape of its head. I really couldn’t see its body but instantly, I felt fear and went inside my apartment. When I went inside, I started looking through the blinds, just a little bit. I didn’t want to move the blinds that much because I knew he knew where I was, so I didn’t want to move the window blinds. Then, I saw it heading my way. This beast looked like a bodybuilder, with a wolf or dog-like head. Because of its silhouette, this thing must have been 7 to 8 feet tall. It stopped, just for a second, right in front of my window, then it left.

I’ve never feared for my life like I did that night. I guess that’s it, Vic. I hope to hear from you, sir.


Rigo Bautista
​Time: 11:45 PM
​Date: 2009