Dogman Encounters

I am from North Port Florida. We have a 12 mile reserve called Carlton
Reserve. I was out there messing around with some friends.They went
off ahead of me to go mudding. I was at a treeline taking a
leak in the marshy field in front of me. I noticed a figure in the
field. He was very coyote-like. He was tannish-grey in color and very
lanky and tall. He was crouched over eating a boar. I got the bright
idea to yell so I did. As I did, his ears perked up and I realised
what I was looking at. He must not have seen me because he looked
around for a little and continued to eat.The whole encounter lasted
about 5 minutes. I’m not sure what I saw but it was something I have
never seen before and I’ve been living here for 16 years (my whole life).


Time: 6:42 PM
Date: 7/16/18