Dogman Encounters

Okay; this took a lot of courage because I’ve been ridiculed so much, for what happened to me. My grandfather owned a cabin. I’m not disclosing the location of it, due to the fact that I don’t want anything to happen to anyone. Anyway; my grandfather’s cabin was his way of getting the family together for the holidays, so he could have a nice Sunday dinner with all of us.

One day, all of a sudden, that all stopped abruptly. He wouldn’t allow anyone, but himself, to visit the cabin we all looked forward to going to and cherished. For years, I would ask him why he was doing that. He never told me why, but when he passed, he left the place to me. I inherited the cabin of my childhood and was ecstatic about that. It was soon after that, I realized why he did what he did. I would go out and walk the woods, on game trails, which are everywhere. I know these woods like I know my own home, so I never had any reason to fear them. It was on one of these walks that I encountered what people call “Dogmen.”

I was walking, just like any other time. Nothing was different. It was then, on one of the game trails, I noticed an offshoot, small trail that went only 6 to 7 feet back. I could see that something had bedded down there. I thought it was a deer. I then walked in the bedded area. I soon realized that this was an ambush point for whatever made this bedded area and it was massive! My arm hairs stood erect and a chill literally ran down my spine! I felt as if I was being watched from different vantage points. Since it was nighttime, I had a tracking flashlight and my sidearm. The latter of which I drew and kept at the ready. I genuinely feared for my life at this point. All of a sudden, an ungodly growl was made to my right, about 10 to 15 yards from me (very close indeed). I pissed myself. It was so terrifying! I didn’t immediately run, fearing that whatever it was might take me as threatening. I turned and started heading back on the main trail and when I was about 5 minutes from the back door of my cabin, this thing let out a howl that I swear felt like it went right through my body! I then proceeded to run. As soon as I did, this thing was chasing me. For every 5 steps I took, this thing was taking 1. That’s how fast this Dogman was! I heard the sounds of branches being ripped off trees and I could have sworn I felt the vibrations of it running after me. I barely made it to my cabin and slammed the door, locking the 2 deadbolts and chain lock. I then turned on my spotlight and shined it into the tree line. There were 3 sets of eyes in the tree line that shined vivid yellow, with enormous, black pupils! I felt as if the thing could read my mind, but I’m not sure it could. All I know is that I’m alive and have since heard them many times, but I don’t take night hikes anymore and haven’t for years.

Time: 1:35 AM
March 10, 2005