Dogman Encounters

It was later in the evening when I was driving back to my in-law’s house, by myself and was going down a dirt road. I saw something in the ditch up ahead and on the right and didn’t really know what it was until I got up far enough so that my head lights could catch it. I didn’t know anything about Dogmen, until a couple of years ago. This thing had an outline of a huge dog, but when I got closer, it turned and looked at me. I just floored it. It didn’t really bother me until I noticed it looking at me and I saw that it was actually grasping what it was eating.

I got back and didn’t say exactly what I saw. I just asked them if there were any big dogs or wolves up where they lived. My father-in-law just laughed and said, “No.” Then he asked why. I didn’t say anything.

The thing I will NEVER forget are the reddish, orange eyes, that just kept staring at me!

Tony Wilkins
Time: Late Evening
Date: Fall of 2000