Dogman Encounters

In 1969, I was 9 years old and lived about 1/2 a mile down the road from an old church and cemetery. There were 2 other old houses there, no one lived in. There were strange things happening quite often around where we lived back then. I remember one of the strange things that happened, very well.

My dad worked evenings, from 3 PM until 11 PM, just 3 miles down the road from our house. My mom, sister, and I had just gone to bed when we started to hear a bumping sound on the back of the house. My sister and I ran from the bedroom we shared, in the back of the house, to the front of the house, where mom and dad’s bedroom was. My sister and I were scared, so mom let us sleep with her, until dad came home at 11, that night.

Their bedroom had 2 windows, side by side, on the front of the house, above the porch. You could see through the curtains at night, due to the street light out front. We were lying there after not hearing any more noise, when all of a sudden, we heard something on the front porch. Mom saw it first and sat up in bed. That made my sister and I notice her staring out the window. When we turned our gaze from mom to the window, we saw what looked like a very large dog on the front porch. It was walking to the front door upright, on its back legs. When it reached the front door, it shook it violently. It was as tall as the door and we could see it scratching at the screen door with its front paws. It remained there for what seemed like 15 minutes, but it was probably only a minute, or 2.

Mom didn’t say a word for the first minute, or 2. She just shushed us, until it turned and walked about 10 feet, to the steps, on its back legs. Just before it reached the steps and went down them, it went down on all 4 legs.

Mom told us to go back to sleep and we eventually did. I don’t remember her telling my dad, but I do remember this well. It was 6, to 6 1/2 feet tall, while standing upright, on its back legs. You could see all of its facial features. Its ears, snout, and its head. Those features made it resemble a German Shepherd. We hadn’t seen anything that looked or acted like that thing in the area before that night. A lot of strange things happened there. I can’t say it was a Dogman, but it did walk on its back legs, for several feet.