Dogman Encounters


Another time, when I was young, my sister, who I shared the back bedroom with at the time, was at our grandma’s house, spending the night. I had gone to bed but wasn’t asleep yet. Mom had my bedroom window open, so air could get in. It was hot that night.

The back of our house was high off the ground. Consequently, the bottom of my bedroom window was 8 feet off the ground. I had been lying there, on my back, when I rolled over onto my stomach, toward the window. My foot went off the bed on the window side and wound up being only a few inches from the window. All of a sudden, something touched my foot! I don’t remember if it grabbed my foot or what, but the screen ripped, the curtain fell, and I scrambled off the bed, and out of my bedroom, into the living room, where mom was! She had heard the commotion and saw that I was frightened. She asked me what was wrong, so I told her what had happened.

She went into my bedroom and saw the hole in the screen and that the curtain was down. She also saw how it was hanging half-way out the window. She didn’t know what to think, so she called dad home from work.

He came home to check it out and walked around the house, before coming in. He said he hadn’t seen anything. At first, he didn’t believe mom. It wasn’t until he saw that the curtain was hanging out the window that he believed her. He couldn’t figure it out. We didn’t have any problems with prowlers. At first, they thought I had stuck my foot through the screen. I don’t think that’s what happened because I wasn’t sleeping yet. I just couldn’t have done that.