Dogman Encounters


I have had 3 different encounters with 3 different creatures. I know what I saw. When I was younger, I saw what looked like a wolf or big German Shepherd, on its hind legs, running through a very thick patch of woods. It only happened for a second but I remember the long muzzle and pointed ears distinctly.

The second encounter was more exciting. It was late at night, after a small barbecue/party, at my uncle’s farm, miles north of Ann Arbor. I was coming out of the barn to get some more food when I heard sticks breaking in the tree line to my right. My first impression was that one of the dogs got outside. So, I went to go see if that was the case. I walked towards the sound and remember hearing the creature flinch because the movement stopped as I approached. I called out for the golden retriever and peered into the trees. The barn had spotlights facing the house and with the white paint job on it, they created a glow that allowed me to see better. About 7 feet off the ground, a long muzzle poked through the trees. Followed by the full-figure of this creature. It was only 20 feet away from me, so I got the full picture. It was tall and lean but very muscular. It had a distinct brown pelt on its body, with blackish fur on its shoulders. It had huge paws for feet, but its hands looked like they had 5 fingers, so they resembled long human hands, except for the fur and claws on them. Its head was the scariest. This thing had a huge set of canines. It looked like it was snarling, but I believe it was trying to smile. I couldn’t make out exactly what its eye color was because of how dark it was, but they pierced into my soul! As the creature came into full view, I remember saying out loud to myself, “Werewolf!” I backed up slowly and the creature stood there, like a proud man standing over a deer he had hunted. It watched me for about 30 seconds, but it felt like 30 minutes. That’s when my father, uncle, cousin, and grandfather all came out of the barn. When I tell you this thing ran, I mean it RAN! It turned around, dropped to all 4’s, and leaped into the forest, making only a slight noise. I told my cousin about it but he didn’t believe me. I knew my father wouldn’t believe me because he doesn’t believe in anything.

4 days ago, in my own backyard, the same type of creature knocked on my window. My curtains were drawn, to give me a view of the woods. I live in the middle of a patch of woods, near a fire road. I wasn’t asleep yet and couldn’t describe what was wrong, but I felt uneasy. I was trying to sleep when I heard a slight scrape at the house wall, below my window. My window is 8 feet off the ground. When I sat up in bed, to see what was going on, I saw the head of what I can only describe as a Werewolf in my window, which is only 10 feet from my bed. I cursed, jumped up, turned on the light and grabbed the survival machete I had in my closet. I turned to see if it was still there and it had disappeared. The next day I went out to see if I could find any tracks or anything that might prove what I saw, but never found a thing. For about a day, I was unsure of myself. Then I heard about your radio show and decided that it I should tell someone who can get the word out about it.

Times: 1:45 PM, 10:30 PM, Midnight
Dates: Mid-September 2005, July 20th, 2015, and February 21st, 2017