Dogman Encounters

I live in rural Illinois and had been experiencing strange noises and activity around my house for a period of a couple months, when one night, at around 4 AM, my dog started to act up, like she wanted to go out. So; I went to let her out. Before I did that, though, I flipped on the back flood lights and peered out, through the mini blinds, because I had a weird feeling. When I did that, in the back yard, about 75 feet away from me, this…. wolf/dog/man-like thing was standing upright, on two legs, looking at my back door!

It had a proportionally huge head, with pointed ears on top and I noticed an amber-colored eye shine. Its head was K9 in appearance, like a German Shepherd or a wolf. It had broad, strong-looking shoulders, with accentuated deltoid muscles. Its torso was sunken in towards the abdomen, like a dog and it had no neck. Because of its massive head, it had an extreme, forward-leaning posture of around 60 degrees. It had thick, accentuated quad muscles in the front of its thighs that angled forward and tapered down to small knees. Below its knees, I could see that its lower legs angled back to hocks, just like a dog has. Because of its hocks, it looked like it could lean back on them if it wanted to and leap or jump. Also, because of the way its legs looked, I got the impression it could jump and run very well.

After a few moments of standing there, looking at my back door, it turned and walked into the cornfield that was behind my property. As it walked into the cornfield, I could still see its head, over the top of the corn stalks, which were around 8 feet tall, at that time. Having such a clear view of it chilled me to the bone!

Shel K. D.