Dogman Encounters

Maybe 5 years ago; one night, I was at a friend’s house out in the country, in Vesper, WI, when my friend’s car turned in and came rushing up the driveway. The car came to a halt and 2 of my other friends jumped out.

They explained that they had seen something they just couldn’t describe. I asked them if they got a good look at whatever had them so shook up. They looked at each other and said “Yes.”

They said they were driving through the country, on their way to join us, and were driving past a farm when they noticed something in the ditch. The friend who was driving said he flashed his brights to get a better look, and whatever it was raised up and ran across the road on all 4’s. It looked like it could walk on 2 legs if it wanted to, they both said. They also said it looked like it was half dog, half man. Or maybe half dog and half monkey. They couldn’t explain how the creature looked any better than that. They just kept trying to compare it to other animals. They said they were about 20 yards from it, the brights were on, and they got a good look at it.

Well… That’s the story. I’ll never forget how stricken their faces were with panic and fear. I don’t think they were lying.